The Air Show

The 2016 Tyabb Air Show is COMING!!

Stay Tuned for Exciting news about the upcoming show.


Enquiries can be directed to:

Peninsula Aero Club                             P.O. Box 207                                  TYABB  VIC  3913    

Website:  Peninsula Aero Club


Telephone:  61 3 5977 4406

Fax:  61 3 5977 4874                    

           Peninsula Aero Club


Winged Warriors

       Sunday 13 March 2016       

Peninsula Aero Club takes great pleasure in announcing the 2016 Tyabb Airshow.

The theme of the show will be "Winged Warriors"

Proudly supported by:                                                            


                                         The Shire of the   Mornington  Peninsula

  560px-Air-BP_Logo.svg                                                Air BP


The ConnectEast Group

The 2014 Air Show DVD

The 2014 Airshow DVD is from Plane Crazy Downunder, a commercial business known    for the production of top quality aviation event presentations.

The DVD is now available and can be ordered from the office at Peninsula Aero Club.  It only takes a phone call on 5977 4406 or an email on  to secure your disc.

Production is limited and sales will be on a first come first serve basis.

As an indication of what can be expected, check out this preview from Plane Crazy

Tyabb Air Show Preview


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